William Mattar’s Wellness Committee- Check Out All of the Fun Our Staff is Having!

by mlederhouse | August 17th, 2016


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William Mattar has created a Wellness Committee made up of his firm’s employees.  The group meets once a month to arrange events for their co workers to benefit both their health and overall happiness.

Recently William Mattar sponsored a massage event which provided chair massages for all of the firm’s employees.  A month later, William Mattar also funded an event for licensed cosmetologists to come into the office and give pedicures to all of his employees.  The William Mattar wellness committee has recently scheduled a farmer’s market food truck to visit the firm every Tuesday so employees can purchase fresh locally grown produce during their work day.  Other events have included Dogs of Mattar; where staff met on a Sunday at Ellicott Creek Bark Park with their families and pets.  Management has brought in fresh fruit for staff to have as a healthy snack option and wellness contests have been created such as walking and hydration challenges.  Employees head out together for a walk at lunch or before work around in the neighborhoods surrounding the Williamsville office.

“Our staff works hard every day to help our clients. The hope for this program is to give wellness to a very caring and deserving group of people.”

-William Mattar, Esq.