No-Fault Claim Form NYS

Need help filling out your New York State No-Fault insurance application form? These videos from William Mattar Law Offices provides detailed instructions on how to complete the No-Fault form the right way the first time. Hit play to get started now.

We urge you not to submit this form until it has been reviewed by a personal injury attorney who is aware of all the facts and circumstances of your matter.

There’s more you need to know about the No-Fault insurance application than just how to fill out the form. Hit play and find out how our car accident attorneys can help you with the paperwork and help you make sure your application is sent to the insurance company on time.

Download the No-Fault form.

Caution: These videos contain general information and are not intended to replace individual legal advice from a retained attorney. We are not your attorney until a written retainer has been signed by us for a specific issue or matter. The forms shown in these videos may be slightly different than the downloadable form due to form updates and modifications by the DMV.