Seniors may have lasting pain after a Buffalo car crash

by William Mattar | October 17th, 2018

When a vehicle slams into another vehicle, the inertia of opposing forces can compel the driver and passengers to propel rapidly forward and backward in less than a matter of seconds.  The force of a car crash can cause serious injuries to the musculoskeletal system. It can also generate powerful pressure on the back and […]

Who is at Fault in a NYC Pedestrian Accident?

by William Mattar | October 12th, 2018

Pedestrians have the right of way when they are legally crossing a street in New York. So who would be at fault if a car hits a pedestrian? There are some laws in New York State that are very clear when it comes to a car hitting a pedestrian. Who would be at-fault in this […]

Some NYC Drivers exhibit these poor driving habits

by William Mattar | October 11th, 2018

Are you a NYC driver who occasionally tailgates, texts while driving, exceeds the speed limit or neglects to use their turn signal? If so, you are not alone. Checklist for Poor Driving Habits Stop and think about how you drive your vehicle in NYC. How many of these bad driving habits do you practice? Tailgating […]

What can I do if I was a passenger in an NYC car accident

by William Mattar | October 8th, 2018

No-fault auto insurance covers drivers in NYC and throughout the state of New York. These policies pay for some accident-related damages regardless of which driver is “at-fault”. In most cases, passengers suffering injuries have 30 days from the time of the accident to file a claim. It is important to note that a no-fault insurance […]

Long Island biking statistics often ignored

by William Mattar | October 1st, 2018

The New York Parks and Long Island Region Safety departments report approximately 50 deaths to New York residents due to bicycle crashes and 2200 bicyclists New York bicyclists who require hospitalization for serious injuries. Brain injuries are responsible for about 40 percent of these hospitalizations. Overall, 75 percent of U.S. bicyclists hospitalized for head/brain injuries. […]

Are smartphones to blame for distracted driving in Rochester?

by William Mattar | September 28th, 2018

Smartphones are responsible for many distracted driving accidents in Rochester but not all of them. When people think of a distracted driver, they usually picture a driver talking or texting who is paying no attention to car in front of them. Why Accidents Happen on Rochester Streets Speeding While smartphone distraction represents a cause of […]

Some distractions in Albany

by William Mattar | September 26th, 2018

According to the CDC, distracted drivers are responsible for nine deaths and over 1000 injuries each day in the U.S. Texting and using smartphones are one reason for distracted driving accidents across the country, as well as in Albany. Nearly all drivers have used their smartphone while driving. They don’t fully realize the danger of […]

Rochester Bicycle Accidents Happen in Bike Lanes

by William Mattar | September 25th, 2018

Bicycle lanes are labeled clearly by painted-on bicycle symbols. They are assigned to the side of roads by white stripes meant to separate bicyclists from vehicle drivers. Bike lanes in Rochester allow bicyclists (not motorcyclists) to travel at different speeds. They also avoid interaction with car and truck drivers. In some cases, bicycle lanes are […]

Who is at fault in a Long Island truck accident?

by William Mattar | September 12th, 2018

If you are involved in a Long Island truck accident and intend to file a claim for damages, you should be aware of New York’s “pure comparative fault” rule. The law of comparative fault determines the percentage of negligence (fault) each driver has in accidents causing physical injuries. Comparative Fault and Insurance Companies Auto insurance […]

Distracted Driving is a cause of Syracuse car accidents

by William Mattar | September 11th, 2018

Syracuse, like many other New York State cities, have high rates of distracted driving car accidents that could have easily been prevented. So why do distracted driving accidents in Syracuse keep happening? For one, most drivers think they have the ability to drive and use their cellphone safely, whether they are texting or talking to […]