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Largest in the State
Motor Vehicle Accident Firm
Over 25 years
Work with thousands of victims
Largest firm
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Why Call William Mattar?
At William Mattar Law Offices, we focus on one area of the law—personal injuries from motor vehicle accidents. Being the victim of a motor vehicle accident completely disrupts your life. Every day we meet people who have had their life derailed at no fault of their own. We use our skill sets to help thousands of people complete this unexpected journey. Our job is to be your advocate. Your legal team will be laser-focused on your case, combining the 24/7 compassion of our highly trained, in-take members with the strength of our results-focused legal disciplines. For you, that means no blind spots, no dead ends, and never having to feel alone in this process. With over 30 years of focus on this area of law, we have collected nearly .5 billion dollars* for our clients, because life is tough enough. We are honored to play a role in restoring people's lives. Helping people is what we do. If you were injured, call us and speak to a person any time of the day or night. Let our focus be your advantage.
No Fee Until We WinSM
Our No Fee Until We Win℠ means that unless we win or settle your case, you don't pay for our personal injury attorneys' legal services.***
We Have Helped Thousands of Injury Victims
Find out what our clients have to say about their experience at William Mattar law offices.

"My lawyer just didn’t make me feel as though I was a client but a family member and made me feel as if my case was her only case. Every time I called her with a concern or question, she replied almost immediately each time with a sense of urgency and concern. Every step of the way it felt as though she was holding my hand and walking me through every phase of my ordeal. She was a true soldier for me the whole way. I was more than just a case file or dollar sign. But most importantly she got me what I was asking and hoping for far as my settlement goes. I’ll tell everyone that’s in the New York area. “Hurt in a Car Call William Mattar.” Thank you, guys, so much for everything. But most of all thank you God for sending me a team of Angels!"


"I loved the result that William Mattar obtained for me. I came to the William Mattar Law Offices after first going to another attorney. The William Mattar Law Offices were heads and shoulders above the other one. They always made me feel welcome. It was great to meet Mr. Mattar and great to obtain such an excellent result!"


"Friendly, called and updated me monthly. Kind caring and kept me in the loop with all the progress on my case. Would use them again in the future."

Car Accident Checklist:
It can be very difficult to think clearly after an accident. The motor vehicle lawyers at William Mattar Law Offices created a checklist of steps to take after an accident. Keep a copy of our list in your car or on your phone. Following these nine steps can help protect your rights to compensation and ensure your injury claim process goes as smoothly as possible.
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What to Expect from your William Mattar PC, Legal Team:
World-class customer service. Education on the process of our case management system. Explanation of insurance information, and the New York State Serious Injury Threshold. Assistance completing all mandatory and time-sensitive paperwork. Putting your insurance company on notice. Guidance to protect against possible negative affects to your injury claim. Through investigation process. Monitor your medical records and treatment. Consistent communication Multiple opportunities to provide feedback on your experience. Advocate for you in negotiation process.
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Truck and Semi-Truck Accident Statistics:
Because of their heavy weight and massive size, pickup trucks and semis can cause critical injuries and even long-term disability if victims of truck accidents suffer extensive neurological damage. The U.S. Department of Transportation reports that nearly 97 percent of accidents involving larger trucks or semi-trucks result in fatalities. With 15 percent of trucks on U.S. highways and interstates representing big rigs, tractor trailers, and 18-wheelers, drivers of small and medium-sized cars are at risk of suffering injuries and vehicle damages if involved in a catastrophic accident with a truck. The DOT also states that more than two deaths and 60 injuries occur for every one hundred million miles driven by a semi-truck or big rig. Nearly 140,000 people are injured in truck crashes each year in the U.S. Fortunately, the car injury attorneys at William Mattar have the knowledge and experience to seek maximum compensation for those suffering serious physical injuries caused by negligent or reckless truck drivers.
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About Us
Most people know the saying Hurt in a Car? Call William Mattar. Our message doesn't change, because we remain focused on one area of the law, motor vehicle accidents. Although every client's case is different, all our clients have suffered, and we are honored and passionate about supporting them through this difficult time. For most clients this is unfamiliar territory, but not for us. Our attorneys have cutting-edge legal training with years of experience and are laser-focused on handling car accident claims.
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Why the Focus on Car Accidents?
Our Blog
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Important Forms
After your accident there are multiple forms that must be filled out. Do not procrastinate completing you’re your MV-104 Claim form and your No-Fault Claim form. Both forms have times-sensitive deadlines. Failing to file the MV-104 Claim form within 10 days after the crash could potentially lead to a license suspension. The No-Fault Claim form must be filed within 30 days of the crash in order to be eligible for No-Fault benefits.

No-Fault Claim Form

MV-104 Claim Form — Accident Report

DB-450 — Disability Benefit Claim Form

DB-300 — Notice and Proof of Claim for Disability

Our Achievements
We are proud to announce that William Mattar was named one of 2021’s Best Companies to Work for in New York. As a firm focused on helping people, we understand that this starts with how we treat each other. We’re happy to be recognized for creating such a notably positive work environment!
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