Truck Accident

Do I need a Lawyer for a Long Island Truck Accident?

by William Mattar | April 12th, 2019

There is a lot of commerce that goes on in and around Long Island, and that can mean a lot of trucks are out on the road. From time to time, a truck may collide with a car or smaller truck and create a lot of problems for both parties. A trucking accident can occur […]

Who is Liable in a Rochester Truck Accident?

by William Mattar | April 9th, 2019

A Rochester truck accident can be a terrifying experience for everyone involved. When your car makes contact with something that is many times larger, you never know what the results will be. New York State is a no-fault state, which means that car accident expenses are paid by the car owner’s insurance. But a truck […]

Do the Number of Syracuse Truck Accidents Increase in Winter?

by William Mattar | February 21st, 2019

In order to help reduce the number of truck accidents that happen on Syracuse roads, it may help to examine the reasons why accident numbers may tend to increase. Reckless Truck Drivers Truck drivers should know the federal laws governing how long they are allowed to be on the road before they have to take […]

Can I Sue the Semi Truck Driver’s Employer for My Injuries?

by William Mattar | February 18th, 2019

Truck accidents can wind up being some of the most complicated types of road accidents. This is because of their particularly unique chain of responsibility. When you get into an accident with another car, the process is generally, relatively straightforward. But when it comes to a truck accident, negligence is not always easy to pin […]

I was Injured After a Syracuse Truck Accident. Do I have a Case?

by William Mattar | January 18th, 2019

Syracuse is a busy place with trucks and other types of traffic at all hours of the day and night. Many drivers do their best to avoid being involved in an accident with a truck. Sometimes an unfortunate series of events can take place and you can wind up being part of a truck accident. […]

I Was Injured After a Buffalo Truck Accident. Do I Have A Case?

by William Mattar | December 21st, 2018

The city of Buffalo is well-known for its heavy volume of truck traffic that travels around the city. Buffalo is the home to several nationally known companies that ship products from their Buffalo plants to locations around the world. With that much truck traffic going on, it there are sometimes accidents involving other motor vehicles. […]

I was Injured in an Albany Truck Accident Do I Have a Case?

by William Mattar | December 19th, 2018

A truck accident can result in a complicated personal injury case. Albany has a lot of trucks on the roads that carry goods, mail, and other items to a wide variety of destinations. When things go wrong, those trucks can cause accidents. These accidents can result in injuries to car drivers, car passengers, and even […]

Who is at fault in a Long Island truck accident?

by William Mattar | September 12th, 2018

If you are involved in a Long Island truck accident and intend to file a claim for damages, you should be aware of New York’s “pure comparative fault” rule. The law of comparative fault determines the percentage of negligence (fault) each driver has in accidents causing physical injuries. Comparative Fault and Insurance Companies Auto insurance […]

Syracuse beware: Truck Accidents are getting deadlier

by William Mattar | August 3rd, 2018

The NY DMV reports over 11,000 over-sized truck crashes were recorded in 2014, with 74 of those accidents involving fatalities. With summer now officially beginning, highway construction and repairs in and around Syracuse may cause issues on Syracuse roads. Why Do So Many Truck Accidents Result in Fatalities? Due to their heavy weight and massive […]

Do I need a lawyer for a NYC truck accident?

by William Mattar | June 4th, 2018

If you are hit by a truck driver in NYC and suffer serious injuries, you will need to show that the driver was responsible and is liable for paying your damages. Trucking companies may be liable for damages via a legal concept called “vicarious liability”, which means an employer can be held responsible for accidents […]