Motorcycle Accident

I was in a Buffalo Motorcycle Accident. Do I need a Lawyer?

by William Mattar | March 18th, 2019

It is sometimes easy to take your health and even luck for granted if you are able to walk away from a Buffalo motorcycle accident with what seems like no injuries. However, you may not want to brush off a Buffalo motorcycle accident just because you feel lucky about being able to walk away from […]

Some Causes of Buffalo Motorcycle Accidents

by William Mattar | February 12th, 2019

Motorcycle accidents in Buffalo can be scary events that cause injuries and damage. No matter how much protection a motorcycle driver wears, there is always a chance they will be injured in an accident, or even worse. There are a lot of reasons why Buffalo has motorcycle accidents, but you are in a better position […]

The Aftermath of a Buffalo Motorcycle Accident

by William Mattar | January 21st, 2019

A Buffalo motorcycle accident can be a frightening event for all involved. As a motorcyclist, you are forced to be defensive in your driving to protect against motorists who are often not paying attention to motorcycles. But even with vigilance, there can still be those moments when an accident occurs. What should you do in […]

I was in a Rochester Motorcycle Accident. Do I Need a Lawyer?

by William Mattar | January 2nd, 2019

Motorcycles are popular in Rochester and you can see them on the roads in and around the city for months out of the year. Rochester motorcyclists take a risk each time they go out on the roads because of how exposed they are to other traffic and to the hot working parts on the motorcycle […]

Common Causes of Albany Motorcycle Accidents

by William Mattar | November 19th, 2018

In 2012 there were thousands of motorcycle accidents throughout the state of New York. Albany is the capital of New York and the city proper is home to around 100,000 New Yorkers. The number of Albany motorcyclists getting involved in accidents each year is concerning. However, drivers can help start lowering the number of accidents […]

Long Island motorcycle dangers

by William Mattar | November 14th, 2018

Long Island motorcyclists can’t always avoid being involved in an accident but there are things they can do to increase safety and make quick but informed decisions while operating a motorcycle. Long Island has many beautiful motorcycle routes. Unfortunately, some dangers faced by Long Island motorcyclists  are caused by vehicle drivers. Top 5 Reasons for […]

The Aftermath of a Long Island Motorcycle Accident

by William Mattar | October 9th, 2018

According to the New York State Department of Health, approximately 166 people die in motorcycle crashes each year on New York public roads. Not only that, but approximately 11 people are treated for motorcycle accident injuries in New York State every day. Motorcycle accidents happen for many reasons ranging from motor vehicle negligence to careless […]

Syracuse motorists beware: Studies show an increase in motorcycle accidents in summer

by William Mattar | August 10th, 2018

Motorcycle enthusiasts wait all winter to return to the roads on their motorcycles. Unfortunately, when summer hits Syracuse with warm temperatures and sunny days, motorcyclists hit the roads in droves, increasing their risk of being involved in an accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration over 5000 U.S. motorcyclists were killed in 2016 […]

Syracuse motorcycle accidents

by William Mattar | June 7th, 2018

Motorcycle accidents increase across NY state and the U.S. According to the New York Health Department, an average of at least 140 deaths occur every year in New York due to motorcyclists suffering extreme injuries in an accident. Mortality rates for motorcycle crashes were highest for men ages 20 to 44. Excuses given by drivers […]

Autonomous Car Liability

by William Mattar | September 21st, 2017

A law review article published in the Southern Methodist University Science and Technology Law Review makes the novel argument that “[l]aws governing canine ownership are a good model on which to base laws governing autonomous cars.” While it may seem implausible to compare a sentient animal—a dog—to the motions, sensors and axels of an autonomous […]