Motorcycle Accident

National Ride to Work Day 2022

by William Mattar | June 20th, 2022

William Mattar, P.C. works tirelessly to educate and spread awareness for all types of transportation. In May we spread motorcycle safety awareness, and this dedication to safety is why we are spreading the word that June 20th, 2022 is Ride To Work Day! Ride to Work Day celebrates motorcycle riding- whether it’s for a daily […]

Motorcycle Rider Accident Statistics

by William Mattar | June 8th, 2022

According to some sources by the year 2019, there were approximately 8.6 million registered motorcycles in the United States. Whether running an errand or just exploring, the freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle on a clear road can be exciting. Sadly, however, motorcycle accidents continue to be reported every year; some causing fatalities and […]

Christopher Gresham: Attorney and Biker on Motorcycle Safety

by William Mattar | May 9th, 2022

Christopher Gresham, Esq. is not only an accident injury lawyer at William Mattar, P.C., but he is also an avid motorcyclist, and serves as the National Executive Trustee for the Hogs and Heroes Foundation of America– a not for profit group of people and motorcyclists who help raise money for U.S. military veterans, police, firefighters, first […]

Questions to Ask a Motorcycle Accident Attorney  

by William Mattar | December 22nd, 2021

After a motorcycle accident, it can be nerve-wracking to know what to do next and what to expect. If you’ve suffered a serious injury because of a reckless driver, you may be weighing the option of hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you. Finding the accident lawyer who is the right fit for you can be challenging if […]

Riding Your Motorcycle in the Rain Can Pose Danger

by William Mattar | July 16th, 2021

Spring is a highly-anticipated season for many bikers. The weather changes, and it’s time to get back out on the road again. While spring weather can be warm and beautiful, that can mean rain and wet riding conditions. Rain is not snow or ice, but it can still be dangerous for motorcyclists, and sometimes it […]

Riding a Motorcycle with a Permit in NY: What New Motorcyclists Need to Know

by William Mattar | July 6th, 2021

If you want to obtain a NY motorcycle license, the first step in the process is to apply for a learner permit. Once you have your permit, you’ll be able to drive your motorcycle and gain the skills and confidence you need. If you already have a license to operate a car or passenger truck, […]

Tailgating a Motorcycle Invites Danger

by William Mattar | June 25th, 2021

The headlights on your back. The distinct sound of the car’s pistons going up and down, clearly audible. The nervous apprehension: If I stop suddenly, will this car behind me have enough time to stop without crashing into the back of my bike? Why Do Some Cars Follow Motorcycle Riders Too Closely? I do not […]

Do You Need a Motorcycle License for a Moped?

by William Mattar | June 4th, 2021

A moped is classified as a “limited use motorcycle.” In New York, limited-use motorcycles can include mopeds, motor scooters, and other models of motorcycles with two or three wheels. For this reason, moped riders often must fulfill similar requirements to motorcyclists, including when it comes to driver licenses. If mopeds are a type of motorcycle, […]

What is the Difference Between a Scooter and a Moped?

by William Mattar | May 28th, 2021

It is easy to see why many drivers may choose a scooter or moped over a standard motor vehicle. Scooters and mopeds are a fun and unique form of transportation. Maybe you are interested in one of these two-wheeled vehicles but are not sure how they differ. Please keep reading to learn more about scooters […]

How Do Most Motorcycle Accidents Happen?

by William Mattar | May 22nd, 2021

When motorcycle accidents happen, the effects can be devastating. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcyclists are roughly 27 times more likely than people in passenger cars to die in a traffic accident per miles traveled. Several factors can lead to a motorcycle crash, and some are more prevalent than others. Please continue […]