Motorcycle Accident

The Aftermath of a Syracuse Motorcycle Accident

by William Mattar | September 19th, 2019

In the immediate aftermath of a Syracuse motorcycle accident, adrenaline may be rushing through your body. You may be feeling conflicting emotions as you try to determine the extent of your injuries. In the days or weeks following your accident, you may have to make decisions regarding your medical situation and your pending insurance claim. […]

What Motorcycle Safety Technologies Are in the Works?

by William Mattar | June 5th, 2019

Motorcycle drivers in New York may be safer on the roadways thanks to enhanced features and improved technologies on newer model bikes. From anti-lock brakes to automatic clutch and shift, bikes are getting away from a fully manual driving experience with features similar to cars that allow the driver to concentrate less on operating the […]

Some Causes of Buffalo Motorcycle Accidents

by William Mattar | May 31st, 2019

Choosing to ride your motorcycle along the winding roads of upstate New York or commuting to your Buffalo job downtown can be both fun and a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. But drivers on bikes can be more vulnerable to serious accidents when on the road, especially when a car or larger truck […]

What to Do After a Buffalo Motorcycle Accident

by William Mattar | May 17th, 2019

Some may find that motorcycles can be a fun and a great way to travel while enjoying the beautiful scenery in upstate New York. Although many drivers wear helmets and practice defensive driving on their bikes, motorcycle drivers are still very vulnerable when sharing the road with cars and accidents can often lead to severe […]

How a Helmet Can Protect You if Involved in a Rochester Motorcycle Accident

by William Mattar | May 15th, 2019

New York’s Department of Health provides the following information regarding the benefits of wearing a motorcycle helmet: 1772 U.S. motorcyclists avoided fatalities by wearing helmets (2015) Motorcycle helmets are estimated to be nearly 40 percent effective in preventing serious and fatal injuries to motorcycle drivers and 42 percent effective for motorcycle passengers Motorcycle helmets are […]

Long Island Motorcycle Accidents in the Summer

by William Mattar | May 13th, 2019

When the nice weather comes out in Long Island, so do the motorcyclists looking to feel the freedom of the open road. As the roads fill up with more motorcyclists, the number of Long Island motorcycle accidents may increase. If you want to stay safe in Long Island while riding your motorcycle, there are some […]

Why Buffalo Motorcyclists Need an Attorney After a Crash

by William Mattar | May 3rd, 2019

If you are enjoying an afternoon motorcycle ride and a negligent Buffalo driver hits you, hiring a motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible will help you obtain  adequate compensation for your serious physical injuries and other damages. The personal injury attorneys at William Mattar have knowledge regarding New York’s complex motorcycle and automobile accident […]

I was in a Buffalo Motorcycle Accident. Do I need a Lawyer?

by William Mattar | March 18th, 2019

It is sometimes easy to take your health and even luck for granted if you are able to walk away from a Buffalo motorcycle accident with what seems like no injuries. However, you may not want to brush off a Buffalo motorcycle accident just because you feel lucky about being able to walk away from […]

Some Causes of Buffalo Motorcycle Accidents

by William Mattar | February 12th, 2019

Motorcycle accidents in Buffalo can be scary events that cause injuries and damage. No matter how much protection a motorcycle driver wears, there is always a chance they will be injured in an accident, or even worse. There are a lot of reasons why Buffalo has motorcycle accidents, but you are in a better position […]

The Aftermath of a Buffalo Motorcycle Accident

by William Mattar | January 21st, 2019

A motorcycle accident can be a frightening event for all involved. As a motorcyclist, you are forced to be defensive in your driving to protect against motorists who are often not paying attention to motorcycles. Even with vigilance, there can still be those moments when an accident occurs. What should you do in the aftermath […]