It’s Our 10th Annual Buckle Your Belt Program


Fall 2019 Buckle Your Belt Classroom Contest

School is back in session and so is the William Mattar Buckle Your Belt Campaign! Our firm focuses on keeping New Yorkers safe on the road, and we want to reward those who make safety a priority. Each fall, we reward students with a chance to win a pizza party for taking the pledge to always wear a seat belt. While students take the pledge seriously, they also have fun celebrating seat belt safety. In addition to pizza party prizes, we are also pleased to announce that our friends at Paula’s Donuts will be donating prizes as well!

Why We Want you to Buckle Up

If you aren’t wearing a seat belt during a motor vehicle accident, the chance of serious injury may increase. Seat belts can help prevent drivers and passengers from being ejected from vehicles or thrown into the dashboards, windows, and windshields.

By buckling your seat belt, it may significantly lower the risk of getting hurt in an accident. Here are several seat belt safety tips to remember:

  • Always wear your seat belt—no matter what the road conditions are or how far you are traveling
  • Inspect your seat belts regularly for wear and tear
  • Seat belts are made to restrain only one person each—don’t try to “double-up”
  • Seat belts are only effective when worn as intended.

So, please, buckle your belt. It can help save your life!

New York State Child Safety Restraint Law

New York State law requires all children under age four to be secured in a car seat and all children who have not reached their eighth birthday to be in a child restraint system. The type of car seat or restraint system required varies according to the child’s age and size. For guidelines on choosing the correct system for your child, as well as advice on installation and a list of permanent child safety seat fitting stations in the state, please visit the New York State DMV website.


Our 2018 Winning Classrooms were taught by:

• Cindy Morath, Charles Lindbergh Elementary School

• Danielle Kessler, Herbert Hoover Elementary

• Chris McDonald, Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament

• Darlene Hutchinson, Sauquoit Valley Elementary

• Lindsay Wright, South Buffalo Charter School