What are some Reasons for a Buffalo Pedestrian Accident

by William Mattar | January 7th, 2019

A car hitting a pedestrian can be one of the most traumatic types of traffic accidents anyone could ever experience. With pedestrians walking Buffalo’s sidewalks, these types of accidents do unfortunately happen. But what are some of the top reasons for Buffalo pedestrian accidents?


Buffalo is infamous for its weather, and that weather can be a factor when it comes to pedestrian accidents. Whether it is rain water causing cars to hydroplane into crosswalks or ice causing cars to jump the curb, it is possible that the weather in Buffalo can sometimes contribute to pedestrian accidents.

Distracted Drivers

Buffalo drivers are just like drivers anywhere else when it comes to being on their cell phones, reading, or having conversations with people in the car with them while driving. In some cases, the end result of this distracted driving may be that an innocent pedestrian gets hurt.

Road Construction

The people who live in the Buffalo area are very familiar with the inconveniences that come with road construction. What many people may not realize is that road construction can force pedestrians to walk in areas where drivers do not expect them to be.

Impaired Drivers

Drivers who operate their vehicles while drunk or under the influence of drugs are dangerous to everyone on the road, especially pedestrians. Impaired drivers driving through crosswalks against the traffic lights or making left turns directly into a group of pedestrians can result in pedestrian accidents.

Careless Pedestrians

Drivers are not always completely to blame when it comes to pedestrian accidents in Buffalo. Pedestrians who walk along the road at night wearing dark clothing, or pedestrians who cross against the traffic lights without making sure there is no traffic coming can also be found somewhat responsible for accidents.

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, then you may want to speak to an experienced attorney at William Mattar. Our Buffalo pedestrian accident lawyers are here to help.