by William Mattar | February 11th, 2015

“In January of 2012, I experienced my first auto injury. I decided to call William Mattar Law Offices, not only because of the consistent marketing I had seen, but also because I had never heard anything bad about them. When I did make the call, the staff was very accommodating and helpful. I almost expected them to be outwardly eager to ‘hurry up and get me in there’ but they were nothing like that. They asked me when it was convenient for me to come in, and they were very professional about the case all the way through. My attorney, Mr. Argentieri, made sure that I was aware of each phase in my case, and what obstacles may arise, or what the outcome may be if we chose one path versus another. He talked to me on a level that I could understand – I am very intelligent but certainly not an expert at legal terms. He was able to communicate everything to me on the right level. My experience with William Mattar was a 10 out of 10!”*