by William Mattar | February 11th, 2015

“I was in a motor vehicle accident where I had injured my left shoulder. I had called other law firms after seeing their commercials on the television and they all turned me down, telling me that they could not represent me. One day, I was watching the television, when I happened to see the William Mattar commercial and decided to give this another shot in hopes of finding assistance. To my surprise, they took my case and decided to represent me. From the first phone call, they took my case into their hands and worked on it until the very end. Everybody cared for me, especially my attorney and paralegal. They always called to check on my well-being and see how I was feeling. I could tell they cared about me more than just getting paid. They made me feel special. That is why Mattar means “matter” to me, because I matter to William Mattar. Things worked out very well for me in the end and I am so grateful for the hard work and settlement that I received. Thank you to everyone for the hard work and the time that they gave me.”*