Syracuse Bicycle Accident Lawyer

When representing bicyclists injured by negligent drivers of cars or trucks, a Syracuse bicycle accident lawyer can investigate the accident and determine its cause. This helps the injured bicyclist get the compensation he or she deserves. William Mattar can also negotiate with insurance companies so you don’t have to worry about being undersold by them.

We have compassion for clients who were enjoying a bicycle ride when they were, unexpectedly, struck by a vehicle because the driver wasn’t paying attention. As a bicyclist on New York roadways, you have certain rights. We know those rights, and how to enforce them. Don’t face the stressful aftermath of suffering serious injuries in a bicycle-vehicle accident alone. Call us today at (844) 444-4444 or submit our free initial consultation form online.

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Common Injuries Sustained by Bicyclists Struck by Vehicles

Although most road or highway accidents are between motor vehicles, some involve bicyclists. Because bicyclists are not protected by seat belts or doors, accidents between bicyclists and cars can result in serious physical injuries. Use of a helmet can minimize the risk of traumatic brain injuries caused by a vehicle knocking you off your bicycle. If a bicyclist is struck by a vehicle proceeding at a high rate of speed, the cyclist may have little to no time to react and brace for impact with the hard asphalt .The body is instead relaxed, which can result in fractures, serious soft tissue injuries and facial trauma.

Recovery from injuries caused by a bicycle accident can sometimes take weeks or months in a hospital. If neurological damage occurs, such as spinal or brain trauma, victims may require long-term home care and rehabilitation services. Unable to work and earn a living, victims often experience stress from financial instability and wonder if their lives will ever return to normal.

We are here to help you regain peace of mind during this process, and help you make your life whole again. Your bike accident lawyer will stay at your side throughout the ordeal. Call (844) 444-4444 today to put your problems on our shoulders.

Tips for Avoiding Bicycle Accidents

Many bicycle-vehicle accidents happen at intersections. Car drivers can underestimate how fast a bicyclist is going while failing to look carefully for bicyclists, motorcyclist and pedestrians. Some precautions bicyclists can take when approaching an intersection include:

  • Wearing reflective clothing at night and bright colors during the day. Orange, yellow and red-colored clothing are easy to spot and will readily attract a driver’s attention. NEVER wear dark clothing at night without some kind of reflective material attached to your front and back.
  • Be on the lookout for drivers who aren’t paying attention to their surroundings.
  • Ride your bike defensively, not offensively. Don’t try to pass cars or speed out in front of them.
  • Learn how to take emergency maneuvers in the event a car is about to hit you.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings. It’s not OK to wear earphones or talk on your cell phone while bicycling.

If you have suffered serious physical injuries because you were hit by a car while riding your bicycle, contact a Syracuse bicycle accident lawyer today. Be aware that there are statute of limitations and notice of claim deadlines that can prevent you from making a claim, so the quicker you call the Syracuse personal injury lawyers at William Mattar, the better chance you will have to receive the compensation you deserve. Help is only a phone call away: (844) 444-4444.