Rochester Truck Accident Lawyer

Have you been struck by a truck as a pedestrian or operator or passenger of a vehicle and sustained serious injuries? Delaying investigation of your accident by a Rochester truck accident lawyer may interfere with the ability of an attorney to gather evidence pertinent to your claim. Time can be critical. In addition, federal and state laws regarding submission of legal documents to the court include limitations on the time allowed for crash victims to pursue a claim and receive compensation.

Speaking with a representative of the trucking company or signing anything provided by their insurance company is not recommended, since you could inadvertently void your rights to get compensation for your damages. Before doing anything, call William Mattar to consult with a truck accident attorney who knows exactly what to do to protect your rights as the victim of a negligent driver or trucking company.

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The most common types of trucks seen on the roads are garbage/dump and tow trucks. Often in a hurry to perform certain tasks, drivers of garbage and tow trucks may not pay close attention to the road and their surroundings. They might neglect looking in their rear view or side mirrors, fail to stop at stop signs or speed through a red light. In addition, some garbage and dump trucks carry heavy loads that may not be stable or evenly distributed. Vehicles careening around a corner while making a sharp turn have been known to fall over onto pedestrians and other vehicles or cause vehicles to slam on their brakes and hit whatever is in front of them.


Eighteen wheelers are large “big rigs” that haul tons of cargo across the region or country. Wrecks involving semis happen primarily on highways and interstates where three, four and five lane traffic increases the risk of a fatigued semi driver lurching into multiple lanes. Multiple car pile-ups can be the result of an out-of-control 18 wheeler ramming into the back of a vehicle, merging recklessly off ramps without looking for oncoming cars and driving too fast to retain control of their tractor trailer.

Injuries are almost always severe when a huge semi hits a smaller vehicle. Skull fractures, broken limbs and internal damage send victims of such crashes to the emergency room for immediate care. Recuperating in the hospital from traumatic injuries may take weeks or months, depending on various factors surrounding the accident.

If this describes your situation, please contact a Rochester truck accident lawyer at William Mattar as soon as possible. We can help you and work to receive compensation sufficient enough to restore your quality of life and peace of mind.


Tankers carry gases and liquids that could be hazardous, flammable or inflammable. Besides the danger of being hit by such a large, heavy truck, drivers and passengers of smaller vehicles risk another type of injury if hit by a tanker–the harmful effects of chemicals spilling onto crash victims.

Like 18 wheelers, tankers sometimes carry more than they are legally supposed to carry, increasing the risk of rollovers occurring due to load imbalance. Extremely heavy loads also put pressure on tires, suspension system and other components of a tanker. Unless tankers are taken care of, mechanical failures could cause horrendous highway crashes.

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