Should I See a Doctor?

Most people who get hurt in car accidents have obvious injuries, like cuts, bruises, or broken bones. But sometimes, car accidents can cause injuries that don’t show up right away. These injuries may be internal and cause serious complications if they go untreated for long periods of time.

Signs and Symptoms of Internal Injuries

Some of the most common signs of internal injuries are:

  • Large bruises that get worse over time
  • Pain that increases in the days or weeks after the accident
  • Difficulty or pain while breathing
  • Light-headedness, dizziness, or fainting
  • Headaches that persist for hours or days

If you develop any of these symptoms, write them down and see a doctor right away. Receiving medical treatment does more than just help you feel better. Your medical report may also serve as valuable evidence for the attorneys who can help you recover compensation for personal injuries, and have your medical bills and lost wages paid.

We’re Here for You

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