New York Bicycle Laws and Safety Tips

In the state of New York, all bicycle riders under the age of 13 are required by law to wear helmets. Helmets are designed to help prevent head and brain injuries. That’s why the bicycle accident attorneys at William Mattar Law Offices recommend that all riders practice safe riding habits and wear helmets. It could save your life.

Use These Bicycle Safety Tips

The next time you decide to take a bicycle ride, remember the following:

  • Put lights and/or red and white reflectors on your bicycle
  • Always wear a properly fitted helmet with the chin straps fastened
  • Maintain your bicycle and keep your tires at the correct air pressure
  • Wear bright clothing and closed toe shoes
  • Avoid riding alone or at night whenever possible
  • Use bicycle lanes and always ride with the flow of traffic—never against it
  • Stay in a single line when riding with others
  • Don’t ride in between parked cars, and always use intersections when crossing traffic
  • Use hand signals when stopping or turning
    • For left turns, point your left arm straight out
    • For right turns, point your left arm straight up
  • Never allow others to ride on the handlebars or stand on the back of your bicycle

When You Need Help

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