Long Island Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Long Island has local traffic and pedestrian laws meant exclusively to protect pedestrians.

Although these laws have been established and mandated to reduce the risk of pedestrians getting hit by reckless or negligent drivers, many Long Island pedestrians continue to be seriously injured by drivers who do not follow the laws. William Mattar has been helping injured pedestrians receive maximum compensation for over 20 years and will fight for your rights if you have been struck by a car or truck while walking the streets of Long Island.

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Information about New York State Laws that Protect Pedestrians

All vehicle drivers must exercise care when driving around pedestrians. Generally speaking, this means drivers cannot speed, engage in distracted driving, or disobey traffic signs/signals intended to protect pedestrians. Drivers must also yield to pedestrians crossing streets in crosswalks.

Pedestrians should yield to vehicles when the “Don’t Walk” sign (usually a red standing figure or hand symbol) is lit up on a corner signal device. These signal devices provide a count down of time remaining until pedestrians can safely cross a street. Pedestrians should not generally enter intersections if this countdown is showing an insufficient amount of time for them to cross.

Why Pedestrian Accidents Happen

Many pedestrian-vehicle accidents are the fault of the person driving a car or truck. Speeding, recklessness and failing to yield to pedestrians are some of the causes of pedestrians being struck by vehicles. In some cases, a driver may be obeying the law by stopping to allow a pedestrian to cross but another car hits their car from behind. Drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol also cause many Long Island pedestrians to suffer serious injuries. If you’re looking for a Long Island pedestrian accident lawyer, William Mattar can help.

Hurt in a Pedestrian Accident? Call William Mattar.

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