Long Island Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Long Island offers miles of country roads and tree-lined streets on which bicyclists can spend many pleasant afternoons enjoying the scenery. Although New York State has bicycle laws that protect bicyclists from negligent vehicle drivers, these laws are not always followed by car or truck drivers.

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NY Bicycle Laws–What Bicyclists and Vehicle Drivers Should Know

When everybody obeys traffic and road laws, their actions are more predictable and safe for those involved. Bicyclists who obey NY Vehicle and Traffic Laws are more likely to limit liability and obtain maximum compensation. Some of the more important bicycle laws established by New York legislature include:

Helmets–Bicyclists under 14 years old must wear helmets. However, if someone younger than 14 is hit by a car and wasn’t wearing a helmet, this will not necessarily interfere with their ability to obtain compensation for physical injuries.

Riding Bikes on Long Island–In general, bicyclists should stay as close to the right side of roads as possible while riding their bikes with traffic. Generally, bicyclists should not ride on sidewalks. When bike lanes exist, bicyclists are generally expected to use them.

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What Should You Do After Being Hit by a Vehicle While Riding Your Bike?

After being hit by a vehicle, you should consider calling the police . In order to fill out an accident report, Long Island police need information about injuries incurred, eyewitness reports, property damage and what happened to cause the accident.

As a general rule, if you are capable of talking to the police, give them only the facts as you know them. Avoid speculating about whose fault it is. That determination will be up to the officer or officers arriving at the scene of the accident.

Seek legal assistance as soon as possible. After you have received treatment for your injuries, contact William Mattar, whose accident lawyers are available to help Long Island victims. We will consult with you about the accident and, if retained as your attorney, begin working on your case. If your looking for a Long Island bicycle accident lawyer, William Mattar can help.

Protect Your Rights As A Long Island Bicyclist: Hire A Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

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