Rochester Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

New York State vehicle and motorcycle laws can be confusing and the attention of a Rochester motorcycle accident lawyer can be helpful. If you were struck by a car or truck while operating a motorcycle, contact William Mattar as soon as possible to enlist the assistance of one of our attorneys. Attempting to represent yourself in an injury case could cause delays due to improperly submitted documentation or not knowing what needs to be done to protect your claim.

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Although at-fault drivers often claim they didn’t see the motorcycle or that the motorcyclist was speeding, this may not be the case. Motorcyclists understand they are extremely vulnerable to suffering bad injuries if they crash and therefore watch the road carefully and the other vehicles around them.

In fact, motorcyclists are six times more likely than drivers and passengers of cars and trucks to sustain injuries in accidents. When motorcyclists are struck by vehicles, they are frequently hospitalized with back/spine injuries, broken bones, severe lacerations and or traumatic brain injuries. Many motorcyclists hit by vehicles cannot return to work for days or even months and may need assistance at home with daily tasks. Some motorcyclists struck by a car would find themselves partially paralyzed or losing an arm or leg.

A Rochester motorcycle accident lawyer at William Mattar genuinely cares about helping victims of negligent drivers receive the type of caring legal representation they deserve. If you have injuries that limit your ability to visit our office for a consultation, we will be more than happy to come to your home or hospital room. Call (844) 444-4444 to talk to an attorney who can stand by you throughout the intense process of filing a claim and can work to obtain compensation.


While securely-fitting helmets with adequate padding can significantly reduce the risk of a motorcyclist suffering severe head injuries, there is always the chance that the operator will suffer a traumatic brain injury, or TBI. When knocked off their motorcycle by a two-ton, speeding car or heavier truck, the driver may strike the pavement so forcefully that their brain slams into one side of their skull. Although no skull fractures occur because they were wearing a helmet, the operator could still be diagnosed with a TBI, such as a concussion, contusion (bleeding in the brain) or a diffuse axonal injury causing deep tearing of the brain’s nerve tissue.

Anytime a motorcyclist suffers a TBI, they may spend a month or more in the hospital, unable to work or take care of their family while recovering. If this describes your situation as the victim of a careless driver hitting you while you were riding your motorcycle, you need a Rochester motorcycle accident lawyer to start gathering evidence about your case so that it can be preserved as soon as possible and be available for any court proceedings. A personal injury attorney can skillfully analyze all aspects of the accident, identify responsible parties and contact relevant insurance companies.

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