Rochester Bicycle Accident Lawyer

No matter how many safety precautions you take on a bicycle, traffic can be unpredictable and accidents can happen because of distracted drivers. Medical bills, unpaid wages, and the pain and suffering that can follow an accident may leave you wondering where to turn for help. Our Rochester bicycle accident lawyers have a strong knowledge of the law, and we are focused on getting results for injured cyclists in Rochester.

You don’t have to take on the insurance company alone. Our lawyers have helped many injured cyclists get the compensation that they deserve after accidents, and we want to help you too.

We Are Here to Help You

New York cyclists have the legal right to share the road with motor vehicles, and our legal team has years of experience representing cyclists when the unexpected happens. If you’ve been injured while bike riding, William Mattar Law Offices has the focus and resources to protect your rights to compensation after an accident.

If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident, our attorneys will fight for you so you can concentrate on getting better. Call (844) 444-4444 to speak with us about your accident, or fill out our free initial consultation form and a member of our staff will contact you.