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If you have sustained injuries due to a motorcycle accident in which you were operating a motorcycle and a car, truck or other motorcycle hit you or a motorcyclist struck your vehicle, you need the legal assistance of a Buffalo personal injury lawyer. At William Mattar, our attorneys work hard and decisively to get you the maximum compensation possible so you can receive wages lost because you were unable to work and other damages.

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What Causes Motorcycle Accidents?

During spring and summer, New York highways, interstates and roads are full of bikers enjoying the warm weather. Unfortunately, some vehicle operators don’t pay attention to their speed or their surroundings, especially on interstates where roads are straight and smooth. The top reasons for motorcycle crashes is, in fact, vehicle operators failure to yield, distraction, inexperience, following too closely behind motorcycles or improper lane usage or passage.

While most motorcyclists wear proper safety gear, heed driving and speed laws and take necessary precautions, this may not be enough to protect them. Although motorcycles are still heavy, solid objects that, when going at a high rate of speed, are no match against the extensive damage a car or truck can cause and the serious injuries that can result.

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Motorcyclists Hit By Vehicles

Car and truck drivers strike bikers most often because they fail to see the motorcyclist before changing lanes or merging onto interstate traffic. While vehicle drivers may glance at their side or rear view mirrors and notice other cars or trucks behind and beside them, motorcycles are smaller and tend to blend into the background. Even if the operator of a vehicle claims to have looked before merging or making a lane change, they are likely still at fault as long as the biker was obeying traffic laws.

Injuries suffered by motorcyclists who are hit by vehicles traveling faster than 20 mph can be serious, requiring a lengthy stay in a hospital and possibly physical/rehabilitative therapy. Wearing headgear, gloves, eye protection and leg guards may reduce the risk of devastating injuries if you are a motorcyclist involved in a car crash. Keeping headlights on even during the day can make it easier for vehicle drivers to see you on the road.

Thousands of motorcyclists across the state of New York are hit by drivers of cars, vans, trucks or other motorcycles. Although as a responsible motorcyclist, you cannot always assume other drivers are equally as responsible. Whether negligent, reckless, distracted or intoxicated, a vehicle driver who wrongfully hits you while you are on your motorcycle should be held accountable for their actions.

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