Have a Heart Campaign

As the Weather Gets Colder, Hearts Get Warmer! During February we want to share the love as we invite you to Have a Heart! Receive a limited edition Valentine Peanut Butter Mattar stuffed toy when you help those in need. The William Mattar Have a Heart campaign is focused on supporting St. Luke’s Code Blue Shelter, one of just a few shelters available to the homeless in Upstate New York. They open when the temperature is at 15 degrees or below including wind chill, and on average have 40-50 clients per night. Outreach groups work hard to find people in need of help on the streets and encourage them to come to the shelter.

More than just a place to shelter from the cold, St. Luke’s also provides whatever warm clothing, hats, boots, coats and gloves are available in addition to a hot dinner and morning breakfast. We invite you to support this 100% volunteer and donation-based shelter and to learn more about the work St. Luke’s and their volunteers are doing. They receive no county or diocese funding and 98 cents of every dollar donation goes directly to their programs and people who desperately need help.

St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy is more than just a Code Blue Shelter. Their programs help feed families and provide safe nights of sleep to thousands:

  • Their Sandwich Ministry at Good Shephard distributes almost 10,000 sandwiches yearly
  • Over 93,000 meals are served yearly at the Soup Kitchen
  • About 22,000 safe nights of sleep are provided each year
  • Assisting families in transitional housing for 37,230 safe nights of sleep each year
  • Over 8,000 Thanksgiving Food Bags are distributed to families in need
  • Over 7,000 Christmas Food Bags are distributed to families in need

And just for having a heart and donating to St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy Code Blue Shelter, we would like to share the love with you!  Receive a limited edition Valentine Peanut Butter* (*while supply lasts)!  All we ask is that you support those in need by making a donation to the Code Blue Shelter. Click here to make your donation, then fill out the form below to request your very own Peanut Butter (which we will ship to you.) Hurt in a car? Contact a car injury attorney today!