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If you sustained injuries due to a truck hitting your car, you need to contact a Buffalo personal injury attorney as soon as possible. In addition to the statute of limitations regulating the time allowed to file a claim, the sooner your attorney can begin gathering evidence, the better chance you have of receiving compensation to help pay for your medical bills, damages and lost wages and compensate you for pain and suffering.

The attorneys at William Mattar have years of experience working on behalf of victims injured by a negligent truck driver or truck company. You can expect your lawyer to diligently seek a fair settlement determined by a variety of factors such as the severity of your injuries, how long you are off work and if long-term medical treatment is needed.

We understand how stressful this time in your life can be and always put your well-being first when managing your case. Any questions you have are answered promptly and your Buffalo truck accident lawyer will keep you informed of the status of your claim.

Call William Mattar at (844) 444-4444 to speak to one of our attorneys if you have suffered serious injuries in a truck accident. Available to take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, our lawyers will come to your home or to a hospital if you are unable to visit our office for a free consultation. We want to help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

Causes of Truck Accidents

Driver fatigue is the leading cause of truckers causing accidents. With deadlines to meet that are often impractical, drivers may not get enough sleep and choose to drive when they should be resting. In addition to veering out of their line when they doze off at the wheel, sleepy truck drivers can also cause override and underride accidents. Override crashes occur when the truck driver runs into and over the car (or cars) in front of them. Nearly 50 percent of fatal crashes involving this type of crash involve trucks plowing into vehicles in front of them.

Underride accidents happen when truck drivers realize they have fallen asleep at the wheel and attempt to make sudden stops on a busy interstate or highway. The vehicles behind the truck can’t stop in time and end up driving into and under the semi truck. An underride accident can be worse than an override accident due to vehicle drivers suffering traumatic brain and spinal injuries.

Other types of vehicle crashes include jackknifing (when truckers break too hard and fast, causing their truck to skid into a 90-degree angle); rollovers; tire blowouts; turning too widely; head-on collisions and T-boning (drivers failing to heed stop signals and crashing into oncoming cars). Improperly loading of freight is another cause of crashes on New York State highways and interstates. Drivers failing to secure loads are negligent in protecting other drivers from being hit by heavy items falling off their trucks.

Your Buffalo personal injury attorney has the experience to skillfully manage complex vehicle accident cases. In addition to completing and correctly filing court documents, your lawyer also knows that involving the trucking company employing the driver at fault, equipment manufacturers relevant to your case and even government entities is often essential to building a strong case.

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