New York State Police Teaming Up With William Mattar Law Offices for “In the Heat, Check the Seat”

by William Mattar | August 26th, 2015

The summer campaign “In the Heat, Check the Seat” was started this year by William Mattar Law Offices to raise awareness of infant and animal death due to being left in vehicles during high temperature weather. With the involvement of the community using the free safety alert kits created by the law office, the New York State Police are hoping they can also be part of the campaign that could save a life.

Safety alert kits, which include decals and key tags to remind people to check their back seats before exiting the vehicle, were given out at the NYSPD building during the Erie County Fair this year to fair goers. People were shown how to properly install their child’s car seat and then given these important reminder items to keep their children safe. The department will also be handing these out at Canalside Buffalo events as well as other kid safety events throughout the summer and fall. To receive your free kit, click here.


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