In the Heat, Check the Seat

by William Mattar | July 21st, 2015


William Mattar Law Offices has begun their first “In the Heat, Check the Seat” campaign. Due to the many tragic deaths that increase during the summer months of infants being accidently left in rear facing car seats, the law office is working to make a change. Along with a brand new commercial, safety alert kits have been created with important alert decals that the firm will be handing out to the community at many different events and out reach opportunities.  To get yours, click here.

Children die every year from heat stroke after being left in vehicles. The stories heard from the parents are, they thought the child was dropped off at daycare, babysitters, etc. This can sound careless and unexplainable when first hearing. Parents explain this as not forgetting their child in the car. But believing that their child is safe where they are supposed to be as the parent’s mind may be focused on work duties such as meetings, speeches or appointments. William Mattar  hopes to make parents more aware of this and potentially stop a fatal accident from happening.