A Possible New Law Might Make Drivers Think Twice About Distracted Driving

by William Mattar | January 3rd, 2017

The dangers of drivers looking at their cell phones while driving have been at the fore front of safety concerns for years.  The growth of social media and instant photo sharing apps, such as Snapchat, continue to raise concern.  This gives law officials even more reason to enforce distracted driving laws to prevent these accidents.

New York State Legislators are considering two bills to amend the Vehicle and Traffic Law to permit law enforcement officers to field test the mobile phones or portable electronic devices in the possession of drivers after a motor vehicle collision.  Assembly Bill A8613A and Senate Bill S6325A, both of which are currently in committee, would effectively make every driver in New York subject to an implied consent requirement for this field testing.  Like implied consent for Blood or Breath alcohol testing after a DWI arrest, a driver may refuse, but such refusal comes with a license revocation whether or not they are even guilty of any violation.



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