Buffalo School Bus Safety

by William Mattar | October 3rd, 2019

School bus in BuffaloWhen school is in session in Buffalo, everyone needs to be aware of the school buses and their precious cargo. Between the unpredictable Buffalo weather and neighborhoods teeming with children boarding and leaving buses, school bus safety becomes an important topic. Everyone should be aware of good Buffalo school bus safety tips.

Watch For Buses That Are Stopping

In New York State, it is illegal to pass a school bus that is parked and has its lighted stop sign deployed. Motorists who do not follow this law risk causing serious injuries to schoolchildren as they board or exit the bus.

Remain Seated At All Times

Children can sometimes be distracting when gathered onto a school bus, but that does not make it right to be unsafe. Bus drivers need to focus on the road.

Take Care In Bad Weather

Car drivers should consider being more careful when encountering a school bus during bad weather winter months.

Children should watch their footing when boarding or leaving a bus in bad weather. Even with the lights of the bus flashing, children should be extra careful to check for traffic in bad weather. Especially if weather that makes the lights hard to see.

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