Federal Regulators Get Restraining Order To Shut Down Bus Line

by | January 27th, 2012

January 27, 2012

The federal government is taking legal action against a bus company that runs from Albany, New York, to Chinatown on Manhattan Island, since the company has refused to stop it’s services after allegations of serious safety issues. According to reports from News Channel 10, the Department of Transportation has received a restraining order to halt business against the Philadelphia-based company after the company ignored several previous requests from the department.

The requests to halt services were issued after the company came under heavy scrutiny following an audit by Federal regulators that found the company in violation of more than 220 safety codes and laws, including violations related to vehicle maintenance, rules pertaining to service hour limits and proper logging of those hours, as well as falsified and incomplete records concerning driver drug testing prior to service.

The laws that regulate the transportation industry play a vital role in keeping all motorists safe around commercial vehicles by ensuring that drivers are not fatigued by long hours on the road and that trucks are not too heavy or overloaded. Any violation of these laws could be used to help hold a negligent bus or truck driver responsible if an accident was to occur.

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