Deadly Pedestrian Accidents on the Rise

by William Mattar | February 6th, 2019

From 2007 to 2016, pedestrian fatalities in the United States rose by 27 percent, which is more than any other type of traffic accidents. It is a serious problem that New York City government has been attempting to address for years. If you are a  pedestrian in New York City, then there are some guidelines you can follow that may help reduce your chances of becoming another statistic.

Do Not Assume Drivers are Paying Attention

In New York, pedestrians have the right of way in many traffic situations. But that does not necessarily mean that drivers are looking out for pedestrians at all times. Just as you should practice defensive driving on the roads, you should also practice defensive walking as a pedestrian. Be sure the road is clear before you cross, even at a designated crosswalk when the light is with you. The fact that a vehicle has to stop by law does not always mean they will.

Use Designated Crosswalks

The majority of drivers are looking for pedestrians to cross at designated crosswalks. To avoid being part of an accident, you should try to cross at a crosswalk and wait until the light is with you.

Do Not Walk in the Streets

When you walk in the streets, you block traffic and can cause a lot of other problems. It is not worth getting into a debate over the legality of walking in the streets when doing so can result in being hit by a car. Instead, you should walk on the sidewalks and other designated walking areas around the streets. This may help you to avoid being in a situation where you are walking in an area where drivers are simply not paying attention.

Our firm is experienced in representing victims of pedestrian accidents, and we can help you. If you have been injured by a motor vehicle while walking in any of the five boroughs of New York City, give our pedestrian accident attorneys a call and let us handle your claim.