When to hire a Car Accident Lawyer available to serve Long Island

by William Mattar | November 27th, 2018

Being in a car accident can be frightening, especially if injuries are involved. The moment you report the accident to your insurance company, you may begin to receive calls from the other driver’s The whole process can seem intimidating, that is why it is important to know when to get an attorney involved. Get Medical […]

Injuries may not be as Obvious Immediately after an Albany Car Accident

by William Mattar | November 26th, 2018

Here’s a scenario. As you were driving home from your job in downtown Albany, you were involved in a car accident. You said you felt fine and you did not get checked out by emergency medical personnel. Two days later, you signed off on a small settlement with the other driver’s insurance company and felt […]

Texting and driving: is it a leading cause of Albany car accidents?

by William Mattar | November 21st, 2018

Most Albany drivers practice good driving habits because they care about others’ safety as well as their own. Unfortunately, Albany has its fair share of drivers who think they can text and drive. Texting and drive is one cause of car crashes in Albany, but it is not the only reason why motorists every year […]

Does drowsy driving cause Rochester car accidents?

by William Mattar | November 20th, 2018

While some drowsy drivers manage to avoid car accidents, they do contribute to many preventable vehicle crashes in Rochester. Interesting drowsy driving facts include: Time of Day Accidents involving sleepy drivers occur mostly in the morning and at night. Older drivers seem to have more drowsy driving crashes between noon and 3:00 pm. This may […]

Common Causes of Albany Motorcycle Accidents

by William Mattar | November 19th, 2018

In 2012 there were thousands of motorcycle accidents throughout the state of New York. Albany is the capital of New York and the city proper is home to around 100,000 New Yorkers. The number of Albany motorcyclists getting involved in accidents each year is concerning. However, drivers can help start lowering the number of accidents […]

Next Steps After An Albany Car Accident

by William Mattar | November 16th, 2018

After a car accident in Albany, it is important to ensure that everyone receives necessary medical attention as soon as possible. Every situation is unique. If possible, move all car accident victims to a safe distance away from the scene. Obtaining a Police Report Police will arrive and make sure everyone who is injured receives […]

Is distracted walking in Syracuse as dangerous as distracted driving?

by William Mattar | November 16th, 2018

Recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data reports that nearly four percent of drivers admit to using smartphones while driving. As smartphone use becomes more widespread across the country, it is possible that statistics like these will only continue to rise in years to come. What is Distracted Walking in Syracuse? While distracted drivers are […]

How Likely is a Rochester Car Accident?

by William Mattar | November 15th, 2018

For the four year period from January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2012, there were 2,679 collisions involving pedestrians and cyclists over the last four years. That is a lot of auto and bicycle or pedestrian accidents. Being Responsible for Your Own Vehicle If every Rochester driver took responsibility for their own vehicle and used […]

Top sources of Syracuse Teen Crashes

by William Mattar | November 15th, 2018

According to the CDC, the risk of vehicle crashes is higher among 16-19-year-olds than among any other age group. Underestimating Dangers of the Road Teenagers can sometimes think dangerous situations are not dangerous by simply failing to recognize the severity of a particular hazard. Errors in making good split-second decisions also raise the chance a […]

How do I pay for Medical Expenses in Buffalo?

by William Mattar | November 14th, 2018

If you get into a car accident in Buffalo, New York, you might think that your regular health insurance will pay your medical bills. Since New York is a no-fault state, the auto insurance company for the car you were in at the time of the collision. How Does it Work? You might decide to […]