Deadly Pedestrian Accidents on the Rise

by William Mattar | February 6th, 2019

From 2007 to 2016, pedestrian fatalities in the United States rose by 27 percent, which is more than any other type of traffic accidents. It is a serious problem that New York City government has been attempting to address for years. If you are a  pedestrian in New York City, then there are some guidelines […]

The William Mattar Have a Heart Campaign: Support St. Luke’s Code Blue Homeless Shelter, Register for a Peanut Butter Plush

by William Mattar | February 5th, 2019

Buffalo auto injury attorney William Mattar has been focused on helping people for many years, but this month they would like to help spread the word about a group of volunteers who work tirelessly to help the homeless. During the month of February, the William Mattar Have a Heart campaign encourages everyone to ‘have a […]

Extra Caution When Backing Up Can Reduce the Number of Rochester Car Accidents

by William Mattar | February 5th, 2019

Often times, drivers may forget that it’s possible to have a collision while simply putting your car into reverse. No matter how finely tuned you feel your driving skills are, backing up can be a challenge some drivers face. It is important to be a defensive driver and use extra caution when backing up to […]

Slippery Roads Can Cause Buffalo Car Accidents

by William Mattar | February 4th, 2019

Buffalo winters can have many high profile snow storms. However, what many people do not realize is that fall can also a bad time of the year for Buffalo roads. The constant rain mixed with leaves on the roads can make the Buffalo area a sometimes dangerous place to drive. Slippery roads can lead to […]

Some Causes of Distracted Driving in Syracuse

by William Mattar | February 1st, 2019

Distracted driving is a term that refers to a variety of ways that a Syracuse driver can lose focus on the road in front of them. Smartphones The roads of Syracuse may contain people who are distracted from safe driving by their smartphones. Some of the activities people engage in with their smartphones while behind […]

Does Drowsy Driving Cause New York City Car Accidents?

by William Mattar | January 30th, 2019

New York City is one of the largest business hubs in the world. Billions of dollars in commerce flow through the city each year. Additionally, millions of people live in the immediate area and use New York City roads. There are a lot of hard-working people in New York City who are just trying to […]

Who is at Fault in a Long Island Pedestrian Accident?

by William Mattar | January 29th, 2019

One of the most terrifying types of traffic accidents are those that involve vehicles and pedestrians. While the driver of the vehicle is protected, the pedestrian can bear the full brunt of any impact. On Long Island, pedestrian accidents can happen in a variety of situations. But when an accident occurs, the insurance companies generally […]

Are Smartphones to Blame for Distracted Driving in Albany?

by William Mattar | January 28th, 2019

As smartphones became more popular, they have started to make distracted driving a real problem for everyone using the Albany roads. The Worse Distraction It is estimated that smartphone use was involved in about 26 percent of distracted driving accidents. When you consider that distracted driving also includes talking to passengers, reading while driving, eating […]

Persistent Pain after a Syracuse Car Accident: What to do Next?

by William Mattar | January 25th, 2019

You do your best to drive defensively on the Syracuse roads, but still wind up getting into an accident. A week later, you realize that you have a persistent pain in your neck and shoulders increasing in intensity. What should you do? The answer to this question centers around what you need to do immediately […]

What are the Top Reasons for Rochester Pedestrian Accidents?

by William Mattar | January 24th, 2019

The Rochester area is always buzzing with commercial and personal vehicle traffic along the many miles of Rochester roads. At certain points, pedestrians are also vying for access to those same roads and that can cause problems. If you understand some of the reasons these accidents happen, you can help to prevent them. Recklessness Recklessness […]