Important things to do after a Buffalo car accident

by William Mattar | August 30th, 2018

Do you know what to do if a Buffalo driver hits your vehicle hard enough to cause substantial damage? What if you suffer physical injuries and require immediate emergency medical attention? Have you told your loved ones what to do if you are hospitalized due to car accident injuries? 5 Things You Should Do After […]

Extra caution when backing up may lower your risk of a Buffalo car accident

by William Mattar | August 28th, 2018

Do you check and re-check whether it is safe to begin backing your vehicle out of your driveway or a parking space? If you are like some drivers, you may turn around once, scan the area visible through your rear windshield and start backing up. Unfortunately, this type of cursory check can lead to Buffalo […]

Top causes of distracted driving in NYC

by William Mattar | August 27th, 2018

Experienced NYC drivers may get overly comfortable when operating their vehicle and forget how dangerous it is to drive in traffic. This complacency can make drivers feel like they can send texts, eat, engage in lively conversations with passengers and daydream without putting themselves or others at risk. Distracted driving in NYC causes hundreds of […]

Stay prepared in the event of a Rochester car accident

by William Mattar | August 24th, 2018

Staying prepared in case you are involved in a Rochester car accident can simply mean knowing what to do immediately after the accident. Of course, in most cases, the first thing to do is call the police to report the accident and request emergency medical help if needed. If possible, take a quick assessment of […]

Next steps following a Buffalo pedestrian accident

by William Mattar | August 22nd, 2018

Some Buffalo pedestrian accidents result in the pedestrian suffering injuries serious enough to demand emergency treatment and/or hospitalization. After obtaining medical treatment, pedestrian accident victims who are capable of talking and thinking clearly may want to call an accident attorney as soon as possible to begin the process of obtaining possible compensation for their damages. […]

Persistent pain after a Long Island car accident: what to do next

by William Mattar | August 21st, 2018

What should you do if you were involved in a Long Island car accident and are suffering persistent or worsening pain days after the accident? A common injury suffered by car crash victims (especially those who have been rear-ended) is whiplash, a serious, soft tissue injury known for producing increasing pain and stiffness in the […]

What can I do if I was a passenger in a Long Island car accident?

by William Mattar | August 20th, 2018

In some cases, passengers who suffer injuries in a Long Island two-car or multiple car accident have an easier time with obtaining compensation for injuries. This is because passengers generally don’t have to prove freedom from fault, since one (or both) of the drivers may be found liable for the accident. Passengers injured in single […]

Good driving habits in Albany starts with teens

by William Mattar | August 17th, 2018

We all know habits are hard to break. That’s why Albany parents should instill good driving habits in their teenagers years before they get their driver’s license. In addition, it’s the best way for parents to avoid spending many sleepless nights waiting for teens to return home safe and sound. Kids are keenly aware of […]

Hit-and-run claims in Long Island

by William Mattar | August 17th, 2018

Drivers causing accidents may flee the scene for several reasons–they have no driver’s license, they have no auto insurance, they are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or they know they have a warrant out for their arrest. Fortunately, Long Island police often track down and arrest hit and run drivers by using […]

Next steps following a Syracuse pedestrian accident

by William Mattar | August 15th, 2018

While every situation is unique, steps to take following a Syracuse pedestrian accident are essentially the same steps you should take after a car accident. As a general rule, call police/911, move away as quickly as possible from unsafe conditions, and contact your insurance company.  If you are hurt, you may want to call a […]