How Dangerous Are Motorcycles?

by William Mattar | October 9th, 2020

How Dangerous Are MotorcyclesThere’s really nothing like getting on the seat of a powerful bike and hitting the open road, wind in your face, nature right there with you as you travel from Point A to Point B in style. For many who love motorcycles, they are not only a means of transportation but a way of life that at least partially defines who they are and what they want to do with their time. Aside from all the romanticized ideas associated with motorcycles, they’re also quite practical in an economic sense for people who want to spend less on transportation and have more options for parking in tight spaces.

However, as everyone basically understands, motorcycles also come with risks. Too many people in New York are injured or killed in motorcycle accidents. For years the motorcycle accident lawyers at William Mattar Law Offices have represented people who were wrongfully harmed in motorcycle crashes throughout New York. We understand the nuances associated with these terrible incidents and we’d like to offer perspective on whether or not motorcycles are dangerous compared to other vehicles. Finally, we’d like to provide you with some ideas on what you can do if you’ve suffered because of a motorcycle accident.

New York Motorcycle Accident Statistics

A good place to start is the raw data. We looked to the statistics recorded by the state government of New York for the information. While the most recent data available that’s quickly accessible runs only through 2014, it still provides a window into what’s happening to people who prefer to travel on two wheels instead of four. Motorcycle accidents affected New York residents between 2012 and 2014:

  • Average number of emergency room visits per year: 4,458
  • Average number of hospitalizations per year: 1,558
  • Average number of deaths per year: 141

On average more than 12 people visit an emergency room per day because of a motorcycle accident, which equates to approximately one person every two hours.

One of the most troubling statistics in the data involves the amount of traumatic brain injuries people injured in New York motorcycle accidents suffer. According to the same source, the following percentages of people in each category suffered traumatic brain injuries during this specific timeframe:

  • Those requiring ER visits: 10 percent
  • Those requiring hospitalization: 25 percent
  • Those who were killed: 41 percent

Finally, people should know that the average length of a hospital stay because of a motorcycle accident was seven days, and the average charge of that hospital stay was more than $70,000 per visit. That equates to more than $110 million per year in medical costs alone for those who went to the hospital because of a motorcycle accident.

Some Comparisons

More people occupy cars than ride motorcycles. When taking into account these other motorists the numbers relating to New York motor vehicle accidents during the same timeframe are much larger. The state government has that data as well:

  • Average number of emergency room visits per year: 106,612
  • Average number of hospitalizations per year: 6,207
  • Average number of deaths per year: 292

The numbers are troubling. Data concerning deaths, hospitalizations, and emergency department visits for vehicle occupants includes:

  • Those requiring ER visits: 11 percent
  • Those requiring hospitalization: 32 percent
  • Those who were killed: 31 percent

The average hospital stay, lasting six days, costed over $56,000. However, given the higher number of crashes involving vehicle occupants, hospital costs averaged over $350 million per year.

What It All Means

When boiling things down to specific points of comparison, most people would agree that all types of motor vehicle accidents are terrible situations for anyone involved. The number of motor vehicle accidents that injured vehicle occupants in New York is much higher than the number of those injuring motorcyclists, but there are obviously fewer motorcycles on the road than automobiles.

That’s nearly 30 times more cars, trucks and SUVs than motorcycles. Extrapolating these figures, it would seem that motorcyclists are at greater risk of death, hospitalization or a visit to the emergency department.

What does this mean for New York motorcyclists? They numbers suggest you are at an increased risk on New York roadways. Fortunately, if you are injured on New York roads you have options.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

William Mattar Law Offices has experience holding those responsible for this type of harm accountable. We understand what it takes to deal efficiently and successfully with both insurance companies and defense attorneys. We fight relentlessly for those who have been wrongfully harmed because of the actions of others. If you’re ready to fight for your rights with us at your side, contact our law offices today to schedule a consultation.