Excessive speed to blame for Niagara Falls motorcycle accident

by William Mattar | April 21st, 2010

The Niagara Gazette reports that a man was injured in a Niagara Falls motorcycle accident. The crash is being blamed on excessive speed.

According to New York State Police, the driver was traveling in excess of 100 mph when a police officer tried to pull him over. The man continued traveling on his motorcycle and ran two red lights before he crashed into a car that was attempting to back into a driveway near the intersection of Chester Avenue and Military Road.

The man was transported to the hospital to be treated for severe injuries. According to police, the man had been previously ticketed for speeding at a rate higher than 100 mph.

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When does speeding become reckless driving? In this instance, it seems the man had a history of driving at excessive speeds. Do you think his license should have been taken away before this accident? Would it have prevented this accident from occurring?

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