Glossary: Lumbar 

Posted: October 27, 2022

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Beginning at the base of the skull and ending at the tailbone is a long and flexible column of bones known as “vertebrae” that, among other things, serves to protect the spinal cord. This important column of vertebrae is commonly referred to as the “spine” or the “backbone.” The human spine is comprised of three sections, one of which is known as the “lumbar spine.” Generally speaking, the lumbar spine refers to the lower area of the spine. It includes five vertebrae beginning just below the thoracic spine and ending toward the top of the sacrum bone. 

Vertebrae that comprise the lumbar spine help to protect the spinal cord from sustaining injury. However, the lumbar spine itself may become injured. A common injury that may occur to the lumbar spine includes a “herniated disk.” A herniated disk occurs when a “vertebral disk” (the cushion between each vertebrae) is compressed or torn. When this happens, it can lead to severe pain and weakness, according to the Cleveland Clinic. A herniated disk, among other lumbar spine injuries, can occur as the result of a motor vehicle accident.  

Lumbar spine health issues can be treated depending on the cause and severity. Such treatment can include surgical and nonsurgical options, ranging from physical therapy to injections to surgery.   

Lumbar Injury After a Car Accident?

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