Glossary: Claim

by William Mattar | June 3rd, 2022

William Mattar GlossaryClaim:

An insurance claim is a formal notification to your insurance provider that you have been involved in an accident. Usually, a claim is made after an accident covered by the policy has occurred. In essence, by making a claim you ask your insurance company to provide insurance coverage.

An insurance agreement is a contract. In exchange for regular payments (insurance premiums), the insurance company agrees to provide certain coverages. To successfully file an insurance claim arising from a motor vehicle accident, contract terms should be reviewed to ensure that all obligations are met.

A number of claims can be made after a car accident. These include first-party claims (including no-fault, uninsured motorist, and Supplementary Underinsured Motorist (SUM)), and third-party claims (usually asserted by an injured party against the person who is at fault).   

How an Insurance Claim Works

Insurance companies consider an array of factors when determining whether to provide the requested coverage and make payments under the contract of insurance.. The insurance company will generally investigate the circumstances giving rise to the claim, which can involve scrutinizing videos or photographs of the accident scene, calling representatives, or other actions deemed necessary. 

Once it is determined that the insurance company will provide coverage, the claims process is not necessarily over. That is when the claims adjusting process, which will entail further inquiry as to liability and damages, may begin. The claims adjusting process can vary in duration from weeks to years depending on complexity. Factors which can play a role in determining this duration can include the amount of coverage and existence of other possibly liable parties. 

In short, this process can be fast or slow, depending on factors that may or not be within your control. 

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After an accident, everyone wishes to have the claim processed fast and smoothly so that things can return to normal, but that is unfortunately not always the case.

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