Teachers Celebrate Safety Contest Wins With Class Pizza Parties

by William Mattar | October 26th, 2015

Classes all over Buffalo and Rochester will be enjoying pizza parties courtesy of William Mattar’s Fall 2015 Buckle Your Belt Classroom Contest.

Wearing a seatbelt at all times can reduce the risk of injury or even death, and teachers who entered the contest helped spread the importance of always buckling up to their students. After classes made the pledge to always wear a seatbelt, entries were placed for pizza parties courtesy of William Mattar. Winning teachers will receive a letter in the mail this week.

William Mattar says, “Thank you to the teachers who continue to help us spread this safety awareness that could save a life. The contest grows each year which means more community involvement. Thank you as well to our local sponsors—La Nova, My Tomato Pie, and Pizza Plant.” Learn more about our firm’s community events here.