Support Childhood Cancer Month

by William Mattar | September 12th, 2017

Earlier this month the car injury attorneys at William Mattar introduced you to Lauryn who has not only bravely fought her way through childhood cancer, but shared the details of her journey to help us understand how cancer can affect children. Lauryn is also shining a light on the need for more funding for safe and updated treatments for childhood cancers which presently receive only about 4% of all funds collected.

Here are some surprising statistics from St. Baldric’s Foundation

-Childhood cancer is the number one disease killer of children in the U.S.

-The average age of a child diagnosed with cancer is 6

-In 80% of kids with cancer, the cancer has already spread to other areas of the body by the time it is diagnosed

-Much of what we know about treating adult cancers has been learned from childhood cancer research

On behalf of Lauryn and her family, we encourage you to join in the fight against childhood cancers. Here are just a few resources to learn more or to donate:

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Children’s Oncology Group
Flashes of Hope
Kids v Cancer
Dana-Farber Cancer and Blood Disorders Center