Scheduling a DMV Appointment in New York State During a Pandemic

Posted: March 16, 2022

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Even during the pandemic, you can generally go to the DMV to obtain a learner’s permit, take a road test, or renew your license and registration. That being said, not all office locations have all services available and you may be able to save time by accomplishing some tasks online. Learn how to schedule a DMV Appointment in New York State below.

Ways to Schedule a DMV Appointment in New York State During a Pandemic: 

  1. Visit, where you can identify what in-person services are currently available at your local office.
  2. Find DMV offices close to you by using the DMV office locator.
  3. Review “In-Person Services” to ensure the service you need is currently available. For example, some services may be available at some offices but not others. Check out DMV Cancellations, Closings, and Delays for up-to-date information.
  4. Make your reservation for “In-Person Services” on the DMV website:
    Select your county
    Choose a DMV office
    c. Select “make a reservation”
    d. Choose your appointment type
    e. Enter your information and confirm your appointment
    f. Follow other directions on the DMV webpag
  5. On the day of your appointment:
    a. Gather all of your pre-filled forms and documents
    b. Do not be late for your appointment
    c. Double-check the address on your appointment confirmation
    d. Bring your mask, if required
    e. Check in 

When Visiting The DMV During the Pandemic, Preparation Is Key 

If you can complete DMV tasks online, that may save you time and resources. If you must visit the DMV, research, prepare, and make an appointment. Many offices are short-staffed and, with previously canceled appointments being rescheduled, it can be a long wait unless you prepare in advance.

The more prepared you are, the better the chance you will have a positive experience at the DMV.  

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