Preview: 2014 ABA Annual Meeting

by William Mattar | July 31st, 2014

The 2014 American Bar Association Annual Meeting will take place August 8 – 10 in Boston. The program features several keynote speakers and events to address topics important to the legal profession.

Among the speakers will be U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.

Other events and showcases will revolve around a variety of issues, including gun control and gun safety, the case for marriage equality, and fiction/non-fiction writing for lawyers.

In another panel, Sports Illustrated analyst and law professor Michael McCann will lead a discussion on whether the federal government can allow certain states the right to legal sports betting (Nevada) but prohibit it in all other states. This issue is at the basis of the groundbreaking New Jersey case to legalize sports wagering, along with the Supreme Court denying to review challenges filed by New Jersey governor Chris Christie (among others).

The bar association is one of the largest voluntary professional membership organizations in the world, made up of nearly 400,000 members — including attorneys at William Mattar Law Offices.

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By Katrina Do