Buffalo Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Discuss Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month In Western New York

by William Mattar | May 8th, 2015

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in New York, and the Buffalo motorcycle accident lawyers at William Mattar Law Offices would like to tell you about a few events taking place as part of the campaign.

Events focusing on motorcycle safety started Saturday, May 2, in Erie County with the American Bikers Aimed Toward Education (ABATE) of NY Erie-Buffalo Chapter’s 25th annual safety and awareness ride. Niagara Frontier Publications reports that several speakers addressed the crowd prior to the ride to discuss the importance of focusing on safety throughout motorcycle season. Then, the group took off and made their way around the area to help raise awareness about the increase in motorcycle traffic that can be expected.

The New York State Motorcycle Safety Program is also providing a new course to teach riders about the proper operation of a motorcycle. The Basic Rider Course 2 will focus on advanced topics and will help riders get licensed quicker.

Our Buffalo personal injury lawyers would like to share a few tips to help keep you safe while riding motorcycles:

  • Wear A Helmet– A helmet can reduce your chances of death in the event of an accident by 30 percent. It can also decrease the risk of injury by as much as 60 percent.
  • Get Trained– A majority of motorcyclists injured in accidents never received formal training on how to operate a motorcycle. This is why you should consider taking a rider safety course.
  • Obey The Law– Know your state’s ordinances that pertain to operating a motorcycle and adhere to these rules.
  • Ride Defensively– Many motorcycle accidents occur because motorists don’t recognize or yield right-of-way to oncoming bikers. Assume drivers can’t see you and maneuver accordingly.

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