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The Power of The Number 4

by Adrian | March 7th, 2014

March 7, 2014 The Personal Injury Lawyers with the William Mattar Law Offices are of the mind there is a certain enchantment that is attached to the number four. The numeral has been around since man began to count. Both its meaning and characteristics have changed over time though, making it a symbol that is […]


by William Mattar | January 9th, 2014

Do not leave the scene of the accident. If an accident causes property damage, then all persons involved must stay at the scene until either the accident is reported to the police or all persons involved show each other their license and insurance identification card, give their name, residence, insurance carrier, and show their insurance […]

How Do I Retain A Lawyer?

by William Mattar | November 26th, 2013

When you are harmed in a motor vehicle accident due to another person’s fault, you may have a cause of action against that other person. Cause of action can be defined as a set of facts that allow you the right to sue for harms caused. While a cause of action may entitle you to […]