Insurance After an Accident in New York

by William Mattar | May 16th, 2022

Car Insurance PaperworkThe best method to deal with an automobile accident in New York is to prepare ahead of time and know what to expect.

William Mattar, P.C. offers a free consultation with an experienced car accident attorney to injured people who have questions or concerns about the accident and legal options available to them.

When it comes to taking steps after an accident, there is no one-size-fits-all answer, but here are four steps to consider:  

1. Obtain the Other Driver’s Details and Insurance Information

After an accident, it is important to gather and document information once conditions are safe. 

Important information may include the other drivers’:  

  • name, 
  • address, 
  • phone number, 
  • insurance company, 
  • policy number, 
  • driver’s license number, and 
  • license plate number for each car involved.
    This information will be critical when it comes time to put relevant insurance companies on notice of a potential claim.

2. File an Accident Report

In New York, a police report must be filed under certain circumstances. For example, an accident report must be filed within 10 days if there is over $1,000 in damage to the property of an individual, personal injury, or death.

It may seem overwhelming to do this after an accident, but the timeline is strict. If a driver fails to submit an accident report within 10 days, the DMV can suspend the driver’s license until the report is received.

3. Get the Medical Treatment you Need 

After a motor vehicle accident, the health and well-being of all vehicle operators and occupants are of paramount importance. If someone suspects injury, they should consider getting the treatment they need as soon as possible.

This will enable them to identify any injuries they may have sustained and to start the process of recovering from those injuries.

4. Contact the Insurance Companies

It is important to put all relevant insurance companies on notice after a car accident. Different insurance companies may be responsible for paying for different kinds of expenses and damages.

An attorney can help you identify what insurance companies should be on notice, and what claims can be made through those insurance companies. 

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