Top Worst Distractions in NYC

by William Mattar | April 5th, 2019

Driving around New York City can present a lot of challenges, but those challenges are enhanced when you consider all of the distractions that New York City has to offer. The Big Apple is always bustling with activity, and sometimes that activity has a way of spilling over into the streets and causing car accidents.

Reckless Drivers

Drivers who make their own rules can make roadways dangerous. Motorists, bicyclists, and even traffic on scooters can decide to try and do things their own way and bolt out into regular traffic. This causes a lot of distractions that can lead to serious accidents.


The invention of GPS has made it easier to get around New York City, especially for people who are not from the area. But for some people, smartphones create a very dangerous distraction while driving. People who spend time looking at their phone apps to find a nice restaurant or get tickets to a Broadway show can cause hazardous driving conditions for others.


In the state of New York, drivers must keep a lookout for pedestrians. While most pedestrians try to be respectful of the moving traffic, there are those who make their own rules and wind up causing distractions for drivers. Whether it is a pedestrian crossing a crosswalk against the light or crossing the street where there is no crosswalk, this type of activity can be distracting to drivers.

Street Vendors

There are a lot of street vendors in New York City. When cars stop at intersections, it is not unusual for street vendors to approach these cars and distract the drivers from the stop lights, pedestrians, and other cars on the road. This can cause distraction.


New York City is filled with animated light-up signs that can become serious distractions to drivers at night. A driver who is trying to monitor a stop light can become distracted by a moving image on a lighted billboard.

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