Toddler unrestrained in Buffalo auto accident

by zack | March 23rd, 2011

March 24, 2011

A 2-year old was found to be unrestrained after a Buffalo auto accident, according to The Tonawanda News.

The Buffalo auto accident happened when the driver flipped his car after speeding down Fillmore Avenue.

The 1993 Oldsmobile flipped over in the Buffalo auto accident after he sped around a curve and hit an elevated portion of the road when he was crossing a railroad track on the other side of the curve.

After hitting the bump, the driver in the Buffalo auto accident lost control of his car and hit a fence and flipped over the car. The car skidded on its roof for 45 yards in the Buffalo auto accident.

Five people were involved in the Buffalo auto accident. Three people, including the 2-year-old, were all taken to a local hospital with Buffalo auto accident injuries. The child was not properly restrained according to local laws.

The driver was charged reckless endangerment, endangering the welfare of a child, and reckless driving in the Buffalo auto accident.

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Do you think the Buffalo auto accident driver should receive jail time if convicted of speeding and not restraining the child?

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