Speeding Vehicles Concern Some Buffalo Residents

by | November 14th, 2012

Nov. 14, 2012

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that speeding is the leading cause of motor vehicle accidents in the United States, accounting for roughly one-third of all fatal accidents. Some citizens in Buffalo, New York, are greatly concerned about the high number of speed-related Buffalo Auto Accidents occurring at a specific intersection in town.

According to WGRZ 2 News, the Scajaquada Expressway off ramp intersection with Parkside Avenue is three times more likely to see an accident than any other intersection in the state. To put this number into perspective, 23 accidents have been reported at the crossing over a little more than five years.

According to local residents, drivers who fail to recognize the 20 mph difference in speed limit from the expressway to the city streets cause a majority of the accidents. In fact, speed has played a contributing role in at least three recent accidents at the intersection.

To combat the problem, Commissioner of Buffalo’s Public Works Department, Steve Stepniak, says the city has installed new signage and lights at the crossing and more will continue to be done. Future projects include installing a flashing speed limit sign, clearing debris blocking lines of vision, and realigning the road.

The Buffalo Auto Accident Attorneys with William Mattar Law Offices hope the projects will be successful in reducing the number of auto accidents in the area.