Sentencing Postponed for Hamburg Babysitter Charged with DUI

by emallernee | June 1st, 2011

June 1, 2011

The sentencing of a 28-year-old Hamburg, New York, babysitter who plead guilty to felony DWI will wait until later this month as two more sets of parents come forward with claims that the woman endangered their children, too. These new claims could affect the judge’s sentencing.

The babysitter was involved in a July 2010 DUI crash while two of her charges were in the car with her. Police say the woman tested positive for cyboxin, a powerful prescription substance used to treat heroin addiction.

The mother says that even though her children were not physically hurt in the accident, they’ve suffered in other ways.

“They were actually diagnosed with traumatic stress syndrome where I cannot or my husband cannot even be out of their sight or they really go into a panic attack and start crying and screaming like someone is trying to injure them,” the childrens’ mother told WIVB.

The babysitter’s lawyer told WIVB that she is “having a difficult time with this. She was on prescription pills. She would never hurt a child.”

On June 21st, the woman will face a sentence of up to four years, in accordance with Leandra’s Law, which makes it a felony to drive while under the influence with children in your car.

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