Rescue Crew Drops Car on NY Motorcyclist After Crash

by emallernee | September 2nd, 2011

September 2, 2011

On Thursday first-responders allegedly dropped a Ford Taurus on a Brooklyn, New York motorcyclist who had just been hit by the car and drug nearly 30 feet down Loring Avenue.

The accident occurred after the 21-year-old City College student returned home to grab something that he’d forgotten on his way to school. “Whatever he forgot cost him his life,” said the man’s brother, because as the man was traveling back to school on his motorcycle on Loring Avenue a 70-year-old man in a Ford Taurus turned in front of him and hit him at Forbell Street. The motorcyclist became trapped under the Taurus and was drug almost 30 feet before the driver came to a stop.

When rescuers appeared on the scene, they used a hydraulic lift to raise the car four feet off the ground so that they could get to the victim. Two cell phone videos that were captured by witnesses then show the car slipping and falling back down on the man.

Fire and police officials have confirmed that the car did fall but say that it didn’t fall on the man because they had placed wooden chocks under the car frame which protected the man from the impact. They also say that he was already dead before the car fell.

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