Police cars involved in second Utica auto accident

by zack | March 17th, 2011

March 17, 2011

Two police officers were involved in a four-car Utica auto accident, reports WKTV.

A marked police cars hit two cars in a Utica auto accident while crossing an intersection while responding to a separate Utica auto accident.

The police officers were responding with their lights on to a Utica auto accident when the first police car crossed the intersection. The first police car collided with an oncoming vehicle in a second Utica auto accident. The second police cruiser tried to avoid the Utica auto accident and ran into a stopped car.

One person was treated for Utica auto accident injuries and released from the hospital.

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Should the first police officer be held liable for this Utica auto accident? Do you think the driver should have been aware of the police office approaching the intersection?

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