New York Pedestrian Killed By Oncoming Car After Wreck

by emallernee | August 5th, 2011

August 5, 2011

A man from Western New York was killed on Saturday, July 30, when a car hit him as he was standing in the road surveying his pickup truck, which had just collided with a tree in Ontario, New York.

The 23-year-old man from Avon, New York, had just survived the impact with the tree, which fell across Route 350 after the accident.

Witnesses say that just minutes after the accident the man was standing in the middle of the road checking out the tree when an oncoming car crashed through the tree and then hit the man, killing him. YNN reports that a witness warned the man that a car was headed toward him.

A passerby had reportedly stopped to see about the crash and to call 911.

“I saw the driver of the truck sitting on the ground and I asked if he was okay,” said witness Dean Tonas. “He started walking towards me so I picked up the phone to call 911. I told him at least 10 times to get out of the road, get out of the road. There’s a car coming. He wasn’t acknowledging me.”

The driver of the other vehicle was not hurt, and it’s believed he didn’t see the man standing in the road.

Police continue to investigate the accident but aren’t expected to make any charges.

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