How New York Drunk Drivers Are Avoiding Breathalyzer Law

by emallernee | August 29th, 2011

August 29, 2011

Some convicted drunk drivers in New York have discovered a loophole to a new law that requires them to either forfeit their licenses for at least six months or to have an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle that would detect their blood alcohol level.

The law—a part of Leandra’s Law—went into effect last August, but New York Daily News reports that only 21 percent of drunk drivers have had the device installed. That means that of 2,562 convicted New York state drunk drivers in the last year, only 528 of these have installed the devices in their cars.

“There is a problem with getting the people to install the devices,” said Queens district attorney’s office spokesman Kevin Ryan.

The problem? Some of these drunk drivers are transferring the title of their vehicles to a friend or relative or telling authorities that they got rid of their vehicles.

“It’s obviously very disappointing,” said Senate Transportation Committee Chairman Charles Fuschillo, a co-sponsor or Leandra’s Law. “Certainly, it wasn’t the intent of the legislation.”

To battle the loophole, Fuschillo and Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice are writing a bill that would require the interlock ignition device be installed immediately when a DWI offender registers a car.

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