New Poll Finds High Rates Of Transportation Worker Fatigue

by | March 7th, 2012

March 7, 2012

In a recent poll, a high number of transportation workers reported that fatigue had contributed to past mistakes and near misses while driving. An article by the Huffington Post stated that the poll found 25% of train operators and pilots had reported that being tired affected their job performance in the past week.

The study was conducted by researchers from Harvard Medical School and examined results from 1,100 online poll takers, 800 transportation workers, and 300 non-transportation workers who were asked about the details of their jobs and how sleep habits affect it.

Researchers also found that fatigue played a role in 18% of train operators, 14% of truck drivers, and 11% of pilots having a near serious accident while on the job.

One in five pilots reported that fatigue has led to them making a serious mistake while working. Six percent of pilots and train operators also reported having been involved in a car accident caused by fatigue after a long shift, compared to just one percent of non-transportation workers who claimed to have been involved in similar accidents.

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