New NY Law Lets Ambulances Use Blue Lights

by emallernee | July 27th, 2011

July 27, 2011

A new law will allow ambulances in New York State to use rear-projecting blue lights; the idea is to protect emergency personnel and oncoming motorists by making ambulances more visible.

Studies conducted by the Ford Motor Company and Florida Highway Patrol have shown that oncoming drivers’ process of perception, decision, and response favors blue lights over other colors at nighttime, according to

The measure was signed earlier this month by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and gives ambulances the same rear-projection options already afforded to police and fire vehicles. Current law allows police and fire vehicles to use one or more rear-projecting blue lights or a combination of blue, red, and/or white lights.

“Ambulance workers regularly attend to emergency incidents on the state’s highways,” the bill stated. “Performing emergency duties on the side of the road presents significant risks to them. Unfortunately, in these situations, many emergency responders are killed or injured as a result of being struck by a passing motorist. Studies have shown that the blue light is the most noticeable light, and as a result, provides the highest level of safety.”

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