Loophole In New York Law Allows Multiple DUI Offenders To Keep Licenses

by | February 13th, 2012

February 13, 2012

A loophole in state law is allowing multiple-offense drunk drivers in New York to get their licenses again and get back out on the road. According to reports from ABC 10 News, state legislators and Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) officials are working to introduce a new bill before the Senate that will end the problem.

As the law stands now, it is not the total number offenses that are examined when a person goes to reclaim their license after a DUI, but instead how many offenses they have had in the last five to eight years. This means that a person could have 10 previous DUI offenses, but if they have not occurred in the last eight years, the previous offenses will not be considered.

Lawmakers are hoping to change this policy by creating a set number offenses a driver can commit before having to surrender their license for good. They are also asking that the commissioner of the DMV be required to examine a driver’s entire driving history before restoring an offender’s privileges.

A larger problem being reported is inconsistency from the DMV. One attorney says that he has seen a drunk driver suspension overturned after just several weeks if the driver completes a drunk driver education program early.

The New York Auto Accident Attorneys with William Mattar Injury Lawyers are hopeful that the laws can be changed to better protect citizens of New York from drunk drivers.